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  • Brand: MUMU
  • Material: PET
  • High transparent, easy to take and tidy your desktop, book storage box
  • Thicker load-bearing, large capacity, clearly visible
  • Every detail is the embodiment of attentiveness, waterproof and dustproof, portable design
  • Multi-function, space saving, two specifications to meet your needs
  • Free up space, simple storage
  • One thing with multiple functions, multi-functional storage, easy and clean
  • Suitable for your bookcase rack, kitchen fridge food storage, vanity desktop, bathroom skin care and etc.
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Size: 30 X 17 X 36cm/ 35 X 17 X 36cm/ 40 X 17 X 36cm
  • Suitable for storage condiment seasoning spice bottle and etc.
  • This storage rack made from quality stainless steel, your kitchen will look more tidy and clean using this rack.
  • Brand: MUMU
  • Material: Brass Metal Glass
  • Size: Short 23 X 9 X 10 cm/ Tall 23 X 9 X 14 cm
  • Multi function organizer, suitable for makeup cosmetics, lipstick, perfume and etc product
  • Space saving for your vanity table, the design are so elegant with the gold glass
  • With a cover to protect your lipstick avoid dust
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Rose Gold
  • Easily store beauty blender puff with clean and hygienic.
  • High Quality
  • Multifunctional kitchen storage rack
  • Material: PP
  • Size: 40 X 24 X 45cm
  • There are 7 compartment drawers in each set. It can store 7 different kinds of seasonings. 
  • A variety of specifications for safe and convenient storage, easy to tidy kitchen cruet,oil-proof, dust-proof.
  • Suitable for storage cutlery, knives and kitchen tools too.
  • ALL DAY MATTE and MOIST LIPSTICK: This highly pigmented matte liquid lipstick goes on smooth. Water-proof, transfer-proof. It has Vitamin E which moisturizes the skin on the lips. Light and comfortable texture, make your lips feel nothing the whole day. 14 colors for choose, suitable for all skin tones. Ink your lips in gorgeous, matte lip color.
  • 14 shapes for choose
  • PinkFlash is a Global Beauty Brand. Our vision is to create an affortable and safe quality for every #PinkFlashGirl#. We hope that you have a funny and comfortable experience in PinkFlash Makeup.
  • Now, Enjoy Your Pink Time, Flash Your Beauty, It's Your Show!!
  • Brand: MUMU
  • Material: Premium Quality Clear Acrylic
  • Size: 24x 13.5x 30cm
  • 7 Layer 9Drawer
  • Saving space, tidy up your vanity table
  • Brand: MUMU
  • Material: Food Grade PET
  • THICKENED & TRANSPARENT PLASTIC MATERIAL: Refrigerator organizer is made of BPA FREE and eco-friendly plastic material, which is 100% food safe and shatter-resistant. You can use refrigerator organization to storage fresh vegetable and fruits directly. With transparent and visible plastic design, these bins will keep all items easy to be found. You can see all what you want without having to take the whole bin out of refrigerator.
  • STORE EFFECTIVELY & EASY TO CLEAN: The whole sets refrigerator organizer are designed to effectively store and organize your fridge and pantry. They can be stacked to create more storage. The practical handles on these pantry organization bins bring convenience to your daily use. Simply clean with soapy water. Note: Do not place in dishwasher.
  •  MULTI PURPOSE: Plastic Storage Bins are not only designed for refrigerator use, but also fit for storing notebook, pen, stationery, personal items at your office, factories, room, or anywhere you need additional storage. It is also good idea for you to store toiletries in your bathroom.
  • They are big enough for storing fruits, vegetables, can, soda, large and small items separately. Refrigerator organizer bins can be easily placed in your fridge, pantry, cabinet, and drawers.
  • Brand: MUMU
  • Material: Premium Quality Clear Acrylic
  • Size - Medium Tray: L 29 x W 42 x H 3cm; Large Tray: L 29 x W 52 x H 3cm
  • Each row are inclined, the highest height point is 3cm.
  • This tray made of premium acrylic and has been designed to organise your lipstick/ makeupcollection.
  • Slotting perfectly into your drawers or your vanity table drawers to hold your favourite cosmetics, this piece is ideal for every makeup lover.
  • Medium tray - Suitable fits Alex 9 drawer, 1 tray fill 1 entire drawer, you will need 2 unit of medium tray to fill 1 Alex 6 unit drawer. The tray have 3 rows, each rows length is around 13.5cm.
  • Large tray - Suitable fits Alex 5 drawer, 1 tray fill entire drawer.  The tray have 3 rows length around 13.5cm and 1 rows 10cm.
  • ** Please note that makeup does not come with the tray.
  • Brand: MUMU
  • Material: Premium Quality Acrylic
  • Size: 24 X 24 X 30 CM
  • Use top shelf to hold tall item
  • Handle make with bling crystal ball, look elegant 
  • Your make up is overflowing,you do not know where to put? This is the best choice for you.
  • **PS: the content not included
  • Brand: MUMU
  • Material: Brass Metal Glass
  • Size: Square 10 X 10 X 21cm/ Hexagon 14.5 X 20cm
  • Multi function organizer, suitable for makeup tool brushes, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner pen and etc
  • Space saving for your vanity table, the design are so elegant with the gold glass
  • With a cover to protect your makeup brush avoid dust
  • Color: White
  • Includes Bowl
  • LCD display
  • Capacity: About 200oz (12.5lb)/ 5000g (5kg).
  • Accuracy: 0.1oz / 1g
  • Unit Switch: kg, oz, lb and g.
  • Brand: MUMU
  • Material: Brass Metal Glass
  • Color: Gold
  • Made from premium material, durable for long term use.
  • Sturdy structure, not easy to break. Lightweight for portable carry.
  • Help organize your desk and table, and keep them clean and tidy.
  • Size: 99 X 49CM
  • Color: Black/ Red
  • Waterproof
  • Material: Nylon
  • Brand: MUMU
  • Material: Premium Quality Clear Acrylic
  • Elegance Makeup Organiser
  • Dustproof Brush Holder Case
  • Size: 21.5 X 10 X 10 CM
  • Beads are not included, you can purchase in at below link.